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Our Cinnamon candle is one of our stronger scents. This candle will easily make a room smell spicy and fresh. The Cinnamon candle is a great addition to any kitchen or family room that you want a little bit of fresh scent with a kick to it.


Natural and plus some of the best scents we can find go into each of our candles. These waxes are all natural and is responsibly sourced and entirely renewable. Not only does it give a wonderful scent when burned, but can also be good for your health and the environment. As with all Red's Candles, we use some of the best natural wood for our amazing wicks. These wood wicks will crackle when burned giving you not only a great scent but the sound of a crackling fire.

  • Return Policy

    All sales are final but we do want you to be happy. If there are any issues please reach out to us as soon as possible.
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